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Property Exchange has been successfully operating in Newton Aycliffe for the last three years, and we’ve just opened our new flagship branch in Darlington (169 North Road) You’ll find out that we’re not like any other property business you’ve worked with before. We believe that progress can’t be sidetracked or stopped, and the current Estate Agent business model is due for a complete overhaul. We’re already changing the boundaries of this outdated brand, and are creating many solutions to help our clients achieve their dreams in today’s challenging environment.

We have been running a property business for over 15 years, offering people the chance to own their own homes in many innovative ways, and have finally been persuaded to bring that opportunity to a wider marketplace.

Why can’t you trade your home in for another one (and I’m not talking developer Part-Ex). I’m talking about any house that’s on the market. Well you can at the Property Exchange Group.

One of the biggest reasons people struggle to buy their next home is they can’t sell the one they’re living in. Bring it to us and we’ll give you a plan to help you move on with your life and live where you need to be, now … not sometime in the far off future.

Do you currently have to qualify for a mortgage to own your next home? Surprisingly no! We have a number of opportunities where we can help our clients buy, whilst they are working towards getting that all important mortgage approval.

Some hard working people are desperately trying to save for their first home, but feel that they might never be in a position to buy. If you feel that’s you, why not give us a call; we may have exactly the right house, waiting for you.

Meeting our customer’s needs is number one on our list of priorities, and exceptional customer service goes hand in hand with fulfilling that commitment to you. ‘That’s all very well and easy, but hard to deliver’, I hear you say. Our company ethos is that we only employ people of outstanding ability, so that we are able to deliver this promise to our customers. Why not try us out and see if we’re just blowing our own trumpet, or we are actually what we say we are ?

I’ve been working in the North East, buying and selling properties, for the last 8 years now, and I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure working with people from this region. Everywhere I’ve been, being a southerner, hasn’t gone against me. Now I’ve gone ‘the whole hog’ and put down roots in the North East. I’m loving working in the community, and offer a change to the conventional house buying process, so that I can help as many people as I can to buy the home of their dreams.

Why don’t you drop by, meet the team and try us out ?